About Us

Our Background

Suzanna Baby Shop is first established in 1999 in city of Surabaya, Indonesia. This establishment as the result of an initiative to create chain retail stores that really focus on selling products for baby, toddler and kid. Running as a family business for 20 years, at the moment Suzanna Baby Shop is one of the Indonesia’s leading chain retail stores in baby and kid industry.

Widespread in 5 major cities in Indonesia, the country that has 250 million people, Suzanna Baby Shop has consolidated its presence and position, with the total of 9 branches across the country. Each branch has significantly large area of approximately around 1,000 square metres with a considerably clean and comfortable environment with safe location.

Selling with a range of over thousands of products from birth to 10 years of age, surely makes us to be able to fulfill the baby and kid needs, and not forgetting the complete needs of mothers. We also try at best to provide both domestic and international brands, prioritizing on quality, comfort and safety for each brand.

Serving Passionately With Our Heart & Soul

Accompanied with courtesy, warmth and product knowledge by our dedicated employees, we are confident that each product can represent its attractiveness, uniqueness and features.

At last, we always strive to be the best in the retail store industry for baby and kid, encompassing primarily on the products’ variety, quality, competitive price and the most convenience way to shop for our customers.

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